Our Peels are derived from active, high delivery formulations, therefore, its always advised we provide a free skin consultation and skincare map to provide the best solutions for the best results. 

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Nutrient Rich RANGE

Instant Glow Pumpkin Peel 45min

Achieve a youthful, healthy glow with this combination of skin smoothing plant acids and fruit enzymes. A rich diet of skin protective nutrients from seabuckthorn, seaweed and pumpkin will deeply feed new skin while Vit A will help stimulate faster and healthier cell renewal. This potent peel keeps the skin looking dewy and feeling soft with hydrating ingredients that mimic the skins natural moisturizing factors.


Plumberry Peel 45 min

This gentle peel is designed to hydrate and strengthen sensitive skin. This treatment is also pregnant safe. Unveil fresh smooth skin, while an infusion of nutritious berries and plums hydrate and quench the skin's thirst. This super antioxidant rich treatment has the ability to reduce sensitivity.


Juice Peel 45min

Fruit and milk acids exfoliate dead skin cells to expose fresh and radiant skin. This treatment can be performed as a one-off or achieve truly penetrating results with a program of 6 -10 treatments (recommendation).


Prescriptive RANGE


EnzymeAcid Peel

Skin condition - Premature aging, Pigmented and Sun damaged

35% Enzyme (Pumpkin, Papain & Bromelain)

8%  Lactic Acid

2.5% Salicylic Acid

A Synergistic combination of Enzymes and acids to brighten, resurface and re-energize the skin.


Skin Clear Peel

Skin condition - Acne, Pigmented sun damaged

20% Salicylic Acid

Clear the skin and gives a fresh feel to it.


Vitamin A Peel

Skin condition - Acne, Delicate Mature, Sun Damaged skin and Sallow Skin

1% Vitamin A 

Niacinamide Vit B3

Papaya Extract

Skin refining antioxidant booster peel without the "burn". For optimum results a course of 3 to 4 treatments at 7 - 14 days intervals may be recommended. This peel can also be used in conjunction with Microdermabrasion.


Ultra Refresh Peel

Skin condition - Sallow and dull skin

15% Lactic Acid

Gently removed the dead dull skin while hydrating the cells within. For optimum results a course of 4 - 8 treatments is recommended at 14 day intervals. 


Ultra Restore Peel

Skin condition - Pigmentation, Sun Damaged and Scarring

10% Lactic Acid

10% Glycolic Acid

Brightens and lightens the skin with the necessary antioxidants top reveal a better skin.  For optimum results a course of 4 - 8 treatments is recommended at 14days intervals. 


Ultra Renew Peel

Skin condition - Ageing skin

25% Glycolic Acid

Renew the inner healthier skin while smoothing away the fine lines and wrinkles. For optimum results a course of 4 - 8 treatments is recommended at 14days intervals. 


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FIRST book your free skin analysis and get your 12-month personalised skin optimisation map.   


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