AGE SPOTS  One of the common signs of aging are brownish age spots.

Age spots develop fundamentally from cellular damage. Several factors trigger their production on the surface of the skin. Many people have a hereditary predisposition to develop liver spots and their body will readily create the appearance of brown spots - in these cases regular maintenance with sophisticated medical technology that removes their appearance may be required.

The other main factors that contribute to the development of this condition is exposure to the sun. People with liver dysfunction may also form liver spots as it generally relates to cellular damage via free radicals - liver is largely responsible for resolving the build up of free radicals.



As sun exposure plays a significant role in the development of liver spots, it is advisable to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and becoming sunburnt. Cover up when outside and use a good quality non toxic free radical protective sunscreen - we recommend a quality sunblock and pollutant barrier cream.

Juice C by SKIN JUICE is a Vitamin C skin shot that can be used on most skin types to brighten and strengthen the skin, helping to reduce and slow the signs of ageing.

Factors such as the sun, environmental pollutants and ageing contribute to the loss of vitamin C in the skin. Feeding the skin a small dose of antioxidant packed JUICE C every couple of days will help preserve the skin from environmental wear and tear. When used regularly, Juice C will help to slow the signs of ageing by boosting collagen, evening skin tone and increasing the rate of repair, as skin with a healthy amount of Vitamin C will repair itself more easily.

  • This skin digestible and stable form of Vitamin C will help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals, reducing collagen breakdown and cell damage.

  • Replenishing the skin's vitamin C levels will help to brighten the skin for an all over healthy glow.

  • L-ascorbic powder is the purest and most stable form of vitamin C. As a liquid this essential skin vitamin can oxidises very quickly, however this powder form allows Juice C to stay nice and fresh for much longer, ensuring maximum results.

  • Juice C feeds and strengthens collagen within the skin, helping to reduce the signs of ageing

Improving the liver function is important to prevent and manage skin conditions. One of the the liver's most important function is to filter the blood, clearing it of toxins that can build up and create harmful free radicals which promote cell damage in the skin.

The key to keeping toxic free radical production to a minimum is to focus on consuming foods and supplements rich in “antioxidants”.  These are molecules that in effect put a halt on the destructive potentially dangerous effect of the free radicals. Regular Infrared Saunas are highly effective in easily removing toxic load in the body through the skin - being a large surface area. This allows the liver to be less burdened, preventing stagnation and hence preventing side effects of poor skin and accelerated aging. Skinbar provides you with highly effective simple Functional medical programmes - using the worlds best nutriceuticals to resolve developing issues such as a stagnant liver.   

Skinbar's PowerFacial is super easy and an effective first step as an Antiaging and preventative treatment for general pigmentation issues. Traditionally age spots can be stubborn to remove - at SkinBar we have the right medical device able resolve even difficult pigmentation issues. The 10-15 minute procedure is fast and super effective - results are often immediate. The Power Facial is the perfect treatment to maintain even skintone over time.






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