Without compromising on quality and using the highest safety standards, we bring to you the fundamentals in effective AntiAging treatments for a very affordable price.

This is one of the reasons, Skinbar adds great value, by ensuring you can keep up your quality skincare and antiaging protocols as a part of your regular lifestyle & beauty regimen .We work together, helping you achieve and maintain a fitter, more vibrant skin - hair free, refining skin tone and over-all total skin quality.  Skinbar uses more powerful technology - the SpaMedik brand incorporates latest advances in medical engineering - with components sourced from Germany, Switzerland and United States to treat conditions with superior effectiveness and allowing a broader spectrum of capabilities.


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Are all the treatments offered at SkinBar safe?

Yes. All of our treatments are very safe and performed by qualified, skilled & experienced technically trained certified staff. Ensuring your treatment is delivered correctly is important, so we provide you with specific forms that require accurate data from you for us to review before treatment commences , and provide recommendations for pre and post care treatment.


Tips on what to do before any particular treatments..

Pre IPL hair removal treatments, avoid waxing, plucking, depilatory creams and electrolysis at lease 4-6 weeks before your appointment. We request you shave the area being treated 1 day before your IPL appointment. 

For the best Microdermabrasion results a skin consultation is conducted before your treatment and will allow your therapist to assess your skin for this type of procedure. It’s best to avoid sunbathing, waxing and peels 72 hours before this procedure. There are also contra-indications of using Retinol based products.


IPL Hair Removal

IPL (intense pulsed light, often referred to as laser hair removal) is an effective procedure for permanent hair reduction.  The newest technology VE Light now offered at SkinBar allows contact cooling on the skin minimising any redness or discomfort during the hair removal process for the best results possible. 

What Happens After My Sessions?

For the first 48 hours, avoid the sun, exfoliation and tight clothing as these can irritate the area. Do not wax of tweeze your hair between procedures as this encourages growth and strength. We recommend shaving the area. You may find you require only 3-4 visits, or you may require 6-10 visits over a 6-12 month period, depending on your skin type, hair type and previous ipl / laser hair removal history.



No preparation is required it is quick easy and great for dropping in for a quick rejuvenate before a night out if you want to look your best in photos etc. Generally no downtime or after effects. 

Our Tattoo Removal is performed using the best Q-Switch Yag Laser - the superior choice for safe and effective tattoo removal. The particular Q-Switch technology for tattoo removal we use at SkinBar is a recent advancement allowing the treatments to feel less intense  - there are some tattoos we can remove without the need for applying anaesthetic cream however for many tattoos this is recommended and we provide this for a small extra fee during your pre consultation.

What Happens after a Power Facial & Tattoo Removal Treatment?

If you are being treated for sun-damage, brown marks initially darken for a few weeks and then gradually flake off using your moisturizing creams. For the first 48 hours, avoid the sun, exfoliation and tight clothing as these can irritate the area.

The PowerFacial sessions are perfect as a lunch-time pick me up as you can go back to work afterwards or after-work as an uplifting treatment. For this inexpensive treatment ultimately 6 - 12 sessions are recommended to get the skin to a new status - depending on the areas to be treated, the nature of the issue and the extent of desired results.





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